Friday, March 23, 2012

Fashion Friday: Flashbacks

Fashion Friday’s Flashbacks: How did Fashion Friday start out….well it was last year April, the 15th to be exact. I wanted to be consistent and keep the blog updated at least once a week. So I gladly took this ‘challenge’ upon myself to post fashion post every Friday. I knew it would require a bit of my time and ‘commitment’. Since my heart is in fashion, I made sure every Friday we had something. Cannot believe it’s nearly a year already….this wouldn’t have been possible without all of you who contributed by sending me pictures and letting me snap. Thank you! And all the peeps who regularly visit this blog…..ok I’ll save the speeches for Fashion Friday 1st anniversary! I chose a few collages from the previous Fashion Friday post. Enjoy!
Have a super weekend!
Fashion Friday Flashbacks with: Junior

Fashion Friday Flashbacks this hawt lady at the David West S/S launch...didn't get her name. I always see her around so must get her name

Fashion Friday Flashbacks with: Randy
Fashion Friday Flashbacks with: Sandz

Fashion Friday Flashbacks with: Vee

 Fashion Friday Flashbacks with: Me
Fashion Friday Flashbacks with: Randy
Fashion Friday Flashbacks with: Me

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  1. I love and look forward to Fashion Fridays everyday of the week.
    I can't wait for the anniversary, really, you've come a long way and it's been exciting :)