Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fashion Advice: Winter 2012 Colors

Winter is just around the corner so for the next few weeks we’ll be focusing on 2012 winter trends from colors, styles, fabrics and designs. Color also plays a huge role when it comes to trends in the fashion world. Winter basic colors like the blues, reds, browns, greys and blacks will always be a great starting point. To add on to your previous winter collection here are suggested colors that caught my eye. What colors do you like for winter? Please share...
I know my suggested colors have a summer feel and shouts color blocking…that was not the intention. Looks like tangerine will be around for a long time. Metallics, yellow and purples will be my winter colors this year.

1 comment:

  1. i've tried, but shame - im a classic baby fullstop...but i must say tangerine/coral and blue have stood out for me...incredibly inlove with the royal/far end blue on the 2012 colour palet you posted, especially on silk/satin matching it back to the basic colours - now thats my bit of 2 cents on this fashion advice post:)

    keep the advice flowing, we wanna read-up on more.

    love. xoxo