Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fashion Advice" Do's and Don'ts

Hello’s, hope everyone had a great holiday yesterday. Today’s Fashion Advice is all about the do’s and don’ts. Yes some rules are meant to be broken but there are those ‘fundamental’ fashion rules that must never be broken. Below are a few do’s and don’ts for ladies and guys.

What are your fashion do’s and don’ts? Please share with us. 

Do’s: Ladies 
  •  You don’t need a reason or an occasion  to look good. I say look good everyday if you want to. Same applies to guys
  •   There’s no such thing as being over dressed. Same applies to guys
  •   Invest in a good pair of comfy shoes, your feet will be kind to you for life
  • Shop smart,ladies love shopping but know when to stop
Do’s: Guys
  • Invest in a great watch
  • Add color in your life. I know most guys like to keep it ‘manly’ which I understand, but don’t be afraid of color. Explore a bit and brighten up your wardrop.
Don’ts: Ladies
  • Extreme tight clothing is a no no. The tight I’m talking about here is when you are struggling to breathe or move, minimum blood circulation kinda thing. There’s a fine line between looking sexy and trashy
  •  Dress according to the weather…nothing stands out more (not in a good way) than a person wearing close to nothing in when it’s zero degrees outside
  • Avoid cheap looking fabrics. My rule if it looks “plastic-ky” stay away
  • Yes animal print is still one of the biggest trends. But one should not wear animal print from head to toe. Mixing prints is allowed but not animal print on animal print.  
Don’ts: Guys
  • Leave the floral trend to the ladies. No floral shirts please
  • White shoes (excluding kicks) are still a big no no! I don’t know why they still make them
  • We ladies have caught up to these one.
  • Guys please find jeans that will complement your body shape. Not all jeans will look good, find the right fit.
  • Don’t deceive yourself into thinking that dressing up is only for ladies and ‘metro’ sexual guys (whatever that means) times have changed and men are allowed to have fun with fashion


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