Friday, March 2, 2012

Fashion Friday: Black and White Vs Color

Happy Fashion Friday! I’m in a good mood today for some reason J… This is one of my favorite fashion post this year. I’m grateful to have fashionable friends cos I have been such a chicken when it comes to asking strangers to take pix after our (my friend and I) last attempt….the girl said no, so that traumatized me lol. Well it was my 1st time being denied like that. Anyway it makes sense privacy and stuff I guess. So this morning saw a styling young lady and ‘womaned’ up to ask for a lil snap. Fortunately she was sweet and keen. So I’ll try to be a bit bold next time. On the black and white pics featured today is Sarah (they grow up so fast) where do I even begin…maybe you should check her blog . She’s just a creative force, amazing writer, model, fashion director like I said before watch out for this one.
Thanks to Megan, Toni, Sarah, Rato, Tiiset and Mcebo for the Fashion Friday pictures. If you want to feature in the next fashion Friday post or have interesting pictures please do email me
Have a lovely weekend
Fashion Friday with Megan, I love her look, the maxi skirt caught my eye…prints and a bit of lace

Fashion Friday with Tiiset and Mcebo swag dripping…thanks to Takotso (photographer)

Fashion Friday with Toni: retro inspired look pulled it off well
Fashion Friday with Sarah: Styled by Katlego Pitso, Photographer: Timothy Gerges, Clothes by: Madame Butterfly

Fashion Friday with Rato:  rocking high waist pants timeless classic item
Fashion Friday with the fashion team, my monkeys (one missing) and I

Fashion Friday with myself: all chilled, tribal print skirt


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