Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fashion Advice: Back to the basics

There’s nothing complex and out of the world about today’s fashion advice. I often get asked by peers to suggest “what trends to follow, what to wear, what’s in, what to buy, how they can change their image etc.”  I mean how do I break it down to someone in a few words what they ‘should’ be wearing.  It’s not straight forward cos you have to consider a lot of things like their personality, their current style, preferences etc. The best answer I can think of…… is getting the basics right first. There are those basic items that we should have in our closets (of course we not all trying to look the same here). Just like anything in life you gotta have a good foundation right (right). So let’s get going on building that fashion foundation (lol).
My Top 3 Basic items for guys
Suit (tailored), White shirt and Watch….you probably thinking white shirt??? Yes white shirt, you’d be surprised what you can do with a white shirt.
My Top 3 Basic items for girls
Black dress, Killer shoe and Accessories…the black dress has to be hugging in all the right places, short enough to wear at a wedding (ok some people are superstitious with the color black in weddings, let’s say church or meeting your in-laws for the 1st time lol get the idea right). A black (short enough) dress….
Now that we have the basics sorted we can move on. How to wear these?

Ladies first! So we have our black dress and your killer shoe that we can play around with to get different looks. With this set I kept everything the same except the accessories. The outfit on the right, I added a cute top over the dress…now it looks like a different dress (I do this all the time). So you see ladies, you don’t have to go shopping all the time, you can still get away with buying less and investing in lots and lots of accessories.

Guys: rule no1 tailored suit it’s a MUST even better suits! The nice thing with a great suit, you don’t even have to try hard to make it work and you can always dress it down by wearing ‘less formal shoes’ or a simple t-shirt. You can also wear the jacket with other items like shorts (if you’re into shorts) or whatever really. As for the white shirt just get plenty of white shirts and trust me on this one.

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