Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fashion Advice: Beauty and fashion

I wanted to write a 'different' post for this week’s Fashion Advice (take a break from polyvore a bit). I had no clue whatsoever so I asked my monkey Rato for suggestions and she saved the day!
Collage used some of my pics (the lips etc lol) and a couple of pics I got from the net
So this week’s Advice is about beauty and fashion. Fashion and beauty goes hand in hand, fashion would be dull without the makeup and hair part. Just like accessories, good makeup and hair gives the outfit that extra boost. How can one look fab during the day and at night. The trick is to strike a perfect balance between what you're wearing and the makeup you’ll choose. Example if you’re outfit is really busy, tone it down on the makeup and hair (keep it simple). But that doesn’t mean you can’t be “adventurous” and all…
Lips: Day or Night with lip colors its personal preference. But it doesn’t hurt to step out of your comfort zone and try the bolder colors. Since last year the coral color has been taking over both in fashion and beauty products, other bolder colors like your pinks, reds (classic) are still standing their ground. I’ve seen interesting colors I’ve seen on the runway blue, purple and olive green when you’re feeling brave.

Hair: bad hair can ruin the outfit. So this must always be on point weather its natural hair, weave, braids keep it tidy. What caught my eye now is the slick pony tail and high hair bun. Very simple! Same with lips day or night doesn’t really make a difference how you have your hair.
Pic Source:
Nails: it may seem like something small I mean who looks at the nails but the attention is in the details. With nail color it’s more of a seasonal decision. Bright for summer and toned colors for winter…
Eyes: the color you choose will determine the color of the lips (that's how I do it). Neutral Eyes are perfect during the day. Night: Smokey Eyes my favorite, I still need to master this one.
Hope it was useful...please share your tips! Thank you for popping by!

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