Friday, February 17, 2012

Fashion Friday

Happy Fashion Friday! Hope everyone is well. Unlike the previous Fashion Friday I had the pics ready like a week before the weekly post. This week was kinda different but as usual my people came thru last minute. Appreciate that! Last night my friend from Jozi even got her bf to take some pics for Fashion Friday lol even thou he wasn’t having fun! That’s deep! Thank you.  
Our fashion friend, amazing local designer Fabrosanz will have a sale at the end of this month. Go spoil yourselves now! The address: 41 Gwigwi Mrwebi Street in Newtown for more information visit or follow her on twitter @Fabrosanz
Lovely weekend
Fashion Friday with: Toni

Fashion Friday with: Bukiwe

Fashion Friday with: Fabrosanz Design. I wish I could take credit for this collage but it’s all Sandz. Dresses R150-R500
Fashion Friday with: Lunga and Mcebo. Shout out to Reemi for hooking us up with guys stuff

Fashion Friday with: Fezy’s gorgeous shoes and legs lol

Fashion Friday with: Cintia and her boo (they are so cute) & Kooty and Taku ( they’re just friends…had to make that clear cos Kooty’s very single lol)

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