Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fashion Advice: Print on Print Trend

 Since Tquoiz is growing (thanks to all the readers out there) it’s only appropriate to add more content. So every week I’ll be giving fashion advice just like I did last week.
Fashion advice for today will focus on the emerging print on print trend. First let me clarify this myth that one can’t mix prints in an outfit! False! False! You can mix prints especially if you know what you doing. Print on print is a fusion of different types of prints in an outfit from art nouveau Inspired prints, tribal, florals, geometric, polka dots, animal, stripes, virtual prints etc. Of course you don’t have to wear all these at the same time, choose two or more to play around with. The perfect example of a designer who can merge these prints into mind-blowing collections is Mary Katrantzou. I am so in love with her work, google her and judge for yourself. She’s the master of print on print designs.
So is there a formula to get this trend right. Not really I guess you have to see this from an “artist” point of view (lol listen to me). In other words it’s about striking a perfect balance between the prints so that you don’t look like a mess and choosing prints that can complement each other. Here are few example of what I’ve been trying to explain. I hope you’ve learned something and that I made sense. I mean I’m just a girl who loves fashion, didn’t go to school for it but I know what works and what doesn’t work lol. So you may trust me.
Enjoy and we’ll meet again for Fashion Friday ;)
I put these looks together via polyvore. I chose this dress because it has different prints. I didn’t play it safe with shoes I wanted to carry the whole print on print look. I used the solid color clutch bag to balance out the prints.

This is a playful, chic and young look. As you can see I worked with three different types of prints, my favorite being the shoes. I think leopard print shoes could have worked too with this set.

Lastly here’s is some of Mary Katrantzou perfect example of the print to print trend. I got this image from Honestly WTF… website.

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