Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion Friday: New Era Exhibition

Happy Fashion Friday! Today’s post is very unique as it is all about creativity and design which plays a huge role in fashion. For me fashion is not only about the final product but the journey from when an idea is conceived in one’s mind/heart (wherever the inspiration comes) to the whole process of coming up with the final product. I went to a New Era exhibition Saturday in Cape Town (mothercity of arts). Funny cos I only found out about the exhibition via bbm, one of my contacts had one of these pictures on his profile; I fell in love and told me about the expo. It’s a pity cos a few people knew about this amazing show. Anyway the New Era exhibition has been “touring” around the world from London, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Stockholm, Cape town and the last stop will be in Dubai (8, 9, 10 march). So if you’ve missed it you can catch it in Dubai.
The whole concept of the exhibition is to showcase all the unique talents from across the world with the intention of giving away a bursary to the winner. Each person was given a blank New Era cap and “freedom” to come up with their own interpretations (quite cool).  They had 80 of these on display, my friends and I spent a good hour so more appreciating the work that went into the designs. The New Era crew was so cool, they even suggested that we choose our favorite caps to wear. And yes I was there to snap away as usual. Hope you’ll like these images even thou they don’t do any justice to the whole experience.
These scored top points in our hearts. The skateboard amazing! The whole architecture thing going there on point! The ice cream flavor one also spot on and queen of Sheba just perfect!

Fashion Friday with me, I chose this cos of the lace and it had pink and some necklace thing going

These were one of the few done by South African artists, as you can see the South African culture influences

Fashion Friday with Reemi wearing his favorite cap…quite safe lol but one of my favorites, made out of wood

More creative caps

Fashion Friday with Rato wearing her favorite cap made out of matchsticks I think

Each display came with a brief explanation of the design, was quite interesting to read and compare

Fashion Friday with myself

Some really abstract and playful….

Fashion Friday with Rato


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