Monday, September 19, 2011

Sunday Chilling

My Sunday last week: church, home and hooked up with my girls for lunch. We went to my fav place La Perla in Seapoint by my nest. They liked it at first (fussy girls) until someone decided to sweep while they were having their meal. Lol! I’m laughing now…the girls were not impressed. Of course they raised the issue anyway we were almost done so we decided to find another spot. Besides the lil hiccup La Perla still my fav place and really nice to chill especially for breakfast! Ended up at The Twelve Apostles Hotel on the Atlantic Ocean rim ….between Camps Bay and Hout Bay for afternoon tea and catching up…serious catching up! Crazy monkeys (buddies)! lol

Happy Monday

La Perla food
  La Perla food

 La Perla food

2nd location 
Ray and Toni

Summer is around the corner….who cares!  



Bukiwe/ Suga 


Suga, me and Ray

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