Monday, July 18, 2011

July: A month full of smiles

This month was filled and still filled with smiles!
I’m very happy cos I have real , genuine, laughs, family and friends! That makes life so much easier! The birthday countdown has begun! 25 July! Thank God! This time next week I’ll be celebrating…I might not have all the riches in the world but I have all the joy! And I pray God sees me thru and age like Mandela! Yes it’s his birthday today….and right here we believe in birthdays! God bless his soul. Happy birthday Tata! Interesting lil story….my sister and I met Mandela sort of when I was 13…the picture is at home J

If you are not smiling after reading this....then read again and go thru the pix until you smile!

Source: ( Happpppyyy)

The girls


My sister and I

My girls: Suga n Ray

Ray sunshine

Randy and I

My cute lil sis

I look like my mommy here…

My niece and  me (cutest)

Toni ‘T’

Thabisa, Randz, Fatz


My sister (Dudu)

Told you all I was gonna bump like this

My monkeys

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