Friday, July 15, 2011

Fashion Friday: Accessories

Fashion Friday! I’ve been out of it this week. Mind occupied by a lot of things.
My birthday is around the corner. I know I said I won’t plan or make a fuss. I’m not fussing but I’m planning a lil something on my birthday weekend since it will be on a Monday 25 July and maybe take a day off work.
Anywho this week’s Fashion Friday, I thought it should be on accessories. I love accessories, earrings to be specific…whenever I go shopping I always buy a pair. ALWAYS! For me shopping does not only mean going all the way...buying a pair of earrings can be enough sometimes. My favorites are clip-on’s and studs! So took pix of my stuff…mostly earrings since I have a whole lot of those. I got tired after a while. I had to stop!
People always ask me, how I find time to update my date. Maybe in the next post I should give tips lol…look who’s talking, me giving tips already! Yes!
Happy weekend!!!
This took less than 10min to update! 
Nokuthula send me these stunning ruby red earrings a while back…take you lady!

This butterfly brooch, so special to me…was a gift from someone dear to me


There’s a lady in Long Street, every Sat until 14:00, that’s where I purchase some of my stuff.

Hardly wear these but they're so pretty...

 One of my fav…. So cute!



 I just liked this never been worn…

 My clip-on earrings hardly wear

More earrings

 Feather hair accessories

 Heart shaped earrings

 Pink heart shaped earrings

 Ring fav fav


  Flower ring
Thanks for popping by!

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