Friday, July 1, 2011

Fashion Friday: What it could have been...

This Fashion Friday post is dedicated to Durban July taking place tomorrow!
Theme: “A right royal affair”. I think this is the best theme they ever had! Durban July is ‘a horse race’ held annually in the warm province KZN and a perfect excuse to party! Socialise! Etc (whatever people get up to).
I’m not going to this year! How do I feel….uhmmm okay. Flights are too expensive for my pocket! So I decided not to go…well I didn’t really decide circumstances…
Yesterday I gave away my double entrance tickets that I got via Vodacom (thank you). I remember I once wrote in one of my posts Now if only Durban July tickets could magically land in my hands” …and they did wasn’t magical though but it happened J maybe I should make more ‘wishes’ since my birthday is coming up on the 25th of July!
Now, the interesting part! Last year I left / forgot my Durban July dress back in Cape Town on my bed! I mean really who does that….it’s a funny story! And it was a gorgeous dress. This year I had an outfit all planned out, didn’t spend a cent (cost savings and creativity) and turns out that I can’t go. And only now that people are offering me marquee tickets! Too late!
Why I like the Durban July! Well the dressing up part is enough for me! And that is all! Seeing different styles! Did I say that was all…no lies. It’s sort of the only time “perfect excuse’ to visit my friends in Durban and of course guys in suits! Wow! Oh and the horses, it’s always about the horses right! Right! lol
So now my friend will have to go alone (without me) this time (I’m sorry) will make it up to you Kooty….I’m sure it’s going to feel weird without me…and I hope it snows. Kidding! This outfit was inspired by Coco Chanel!
Black old dress that my mom bought for me long ago.
I planned to wear a wedge for the sake of my legs and feet!
Accessories I always had
And I love black and white pics…I took these pics! Like I said before I have tons of pics…lol
Love Fatima

All those who are heading to Durban enjoy! Take loads of pics for me!

I so love this pic...carries so much depth


You can’t see the full dress cos I too these pics myself, it’s long, hugging and simple! But you get the idea.... 


Black princess...


I see you!

Cheers! Live! Laugh! Love!

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