Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kooty's Trip to Thailand

So I asked my friend Kooty to write something about her trip experience to Thailand! And this is what she had to say…looove how you write Fruity!!! I was faced with a challenge of picking a few pictures out of 1500! Beautiful pics now I wish I could disappear to an island or somewhere!!!!

There are hardly any words to describe this adventure of love,however I will try not to cheat this experience with words,here it goes:
Kooty goes to Thailand
The funny I was neither scared or excited,I just had this nagging feeling I had to do this trip NOW,not next year not in six months but NOW!

The first warmth was experienced as I entered the 9hr flight; the hostesses were full of smiles! The food was divine! The seat perfect, the toilets extremely small for my pointy knees! Hehehe.
9hrs later, landed at Shir (something something) airport, I walked right pass the short Thailand man frantically waving my name, to the tour guide booths! Booked myself a tour of the temples (thanks to my twenty Thailand books I bought prior to the trip).
After my small accomplishment, I stood right there at the booth like an idiot not knowing what to!
“Kwaaatttaaalllaaa” (someone shouts in the background),lucky being the only African in the entire airport, the energy filled short Thailand man put one and one together, stared at me and kept shouting my name!hehehe!
I felt love EVERYWHERE! People were super friendly, super helpful. Every time I was lost,I would stop and ask, then happily they would grab my hand, walk extremely fast, duck and dodge all the market stalls and people, to my requested destination!
The temples in Bangkok were AMAZING! The shopping broke my bank card in half, the night life was ALIVE!!! The fashion was on point!
The beaches in Phuket were BREATH TAKING! The elephant rides, the snorkel, the islands made me say over and over again: HOW GREAT THOU ART!!
Thailand is truly THE LAND OF SMILES! I never felt alone,made friends every minute!!!

The world is there for me to explore,next stop Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia in one trip!!"




Thank you for sharing Kooty!
Mwas much love!!!!

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