Monday, May 16, 2011

Me time Sunday

So last Sunday I suddenly had an urge to go to Kalk Bay. Well it was not really sudden (I’m exaggerating a bit here), but I’ve been meaning to go there for a while and since winter will be upon us soon. I thought why not.
So I jumped on the next train and journeyed ALONE. Really I don’t mind going to places alone, actually I like it for some reason. Not for some reason really...I have a couple of theories on that (long story) ask me to explain if I ever see you.
An hour later I reached my destination. The train ride was quite cool cos of the amazing 10min ocean view. Kalk Bay is such a quirky lil dorpie, not even a dorpie its so tiny maybe a dorpietjie (much better)!
Window shopped, the dorpietjie has nice vintage shops and jewellery shops. After that went hunting for a place to have lunch. What a mission. Finally chose Cape to Cuba cos the other places were a bit too serious for me and I like the Cape to Cuba in Long Street. Love it! They even took a pic of me with bubbles at the background (I know rightJ).
After lunch went to the harbour, walked around taking pics of the area and myself, distracted a few people to “nicely” ask to take “images” of me (it’s kind of awkward posing for strangers) (where are friends when you need them), some volunteered after observing me capturing images of self ( I wonder why)...I really I don’t mind. But thank you strangers...also had conversions with these strangers asking me why I was there alone lol...uhmm okay like I said before I really don’t mind!

I’m in love with this pic...

Vintage shop!

I adore boots!

This was quite amazing, Cape to Cuba restaurant is just next to the beach and the rail track luckily a train went pass while I was having lunch.

Me, background looks like Camps bay but it’s not
Sweet Cheeks!

I think I'm getting the hang of it lol not sure about the techniques thou....
but these pics are pretty!


But it was really a wonderful day!
I should do it more often



“The boo thinks I like using the word really a lot...I really don’t think so lol”


  1. love love love kalk bay. definitely one of my fave places in cape town!

  2. Looks like such a lovely day. I wish I did more things alone, I usually love it when I do.

    -Happy Hunting!


  3. Hi Indira

    Yes it was lovely! You should try make time to do what you love alone often it has its perks! :)
    Please pop by again xxx

  4. Love the outfit and cute hat!


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    Your blog is really amazing!!
    I am very honored to be following it!!
    Could you follow mine too??
    And, can you follow the twitter, please? @_justforgirls
    Alice Dias


  6. Oh thank u Alice u super sweet! U made my day :)
    I’m also following yours looks great!