Friday, May 20, 2011

Birthdays Party Preparations (25 June)

Took this at our church picnic in Camps Bay
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This week I’ve been busy planning a party! Kiddies party for my niece (Karabo) she’s turning the big 5 on the 25th of June J. It’s going to be fun! And it means that I can go home n see my fam!
Back to the party, we are going all way out on this one! Jumping castle (so looking forward to that aspect)! Started looking for ideas on food and stuff! I think kiddies’ food screams pretty! So we’re going to get them high on sugar.
My sister (Dudu) is a great cook, she studied Hospitality management and we’re cooking and baking most of the stuff. Can’t wait to bake cup cakes (Tsholo’s favourite). Already received the quotation on some of the things like chairs, decor cheap! Wow!
Now we have to make up our mind on the list/invites! Oh and the cake Barney or Barbie or these fairytale princesses!

So far our ideas
Games/ entertainment
·         Hire magician
·         Barney (Dudu insist on this one)... I offered to play Barney and she just laugh and said no she wants the real Barney
·         Face painting (I will do this) no experience at all J
·         Goodie bag
·         Hot dogs/ ham burgers
·         Fish fingers apparently kids love those
·         Fries (yes no)
·         Sandwiches
·         Rolls of ham
·         Biscuits
·         Cupcakes
·         Ice cream
·         Sweets
·         Fruit kebabs
·         Marshmallows
·         Juice, cool drink etc...

I know bday girl will be so I have to hunt for a bday prezzie!

The pic above was at some kiddies party that I gate crashed lol how fun it was!!! Well I was there with my niece(Karabo) and baby sister (Zandy). They both in the pic



  1. wow, going all out for this party, hey!

    and hmmmmm...cup cakes :)

  2. We have to!
    I'll bring some for u...;)