Thursday, May 12, 2011

Yellow Day: Thanks to Coldplay and Chew Mag

Oh wow…the golden circle tickets for the Coldplay concert sold out so fast. Maybe I didn’t pray hard enough! I got my "general" tickets thou (not complaining)….the boo went to buy for us! And it’s the day before his birthday…celebrations!!!!
Anywhoo I also received my package from Chew magazine, the 1st hardcopy, cute tee and floral shoe laces! My day is made….it can end now.
Chew mag is the most creative mag ever! It’s all about street style, design culture, underground art, music, mind blowing photography and fashion! I can rave on and on about them. J
Founded here in SA how awesome, but they work with people from all walks of life! International baybay…I have a couple of their issues in my pc. Check them out or blog:
I’m all smiles didn’t even have lunch ….. Maybe I should eat something...Oh my look at the time

“For you I bleed myself dry” Coldplay -Yellow

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