Friday, May 20, 2011

Look of the week: Fashion Fridays

Still at it...
 Remember last week I wrote this: ” Please do send me pics of yourself or items of clothing, places etc that you like to see on this blog!” Guess what I received zero pictures, am I giving up no...I even sent a request on twitter...didn’t help. So I’ll change my strategy a bit and see how that goes. Luckily I have plenty of pics to keep me going! I introduce me....look of the week!
This was late last yr at 15 on Orange in Cape Town....beautiful hotel!
And will be there tonight for The Luxlife Red Carpet Fashion Show with my peeps!
Outfit ready! Will update you guys next week! Can’t wait!
You can still email me:
Love Faddy

And this pic lol I vowed not to share with anyone...for obvious reasons! Uhmmm it’s not bad ie skenky....but since I’m dedicated to this baby blog of mine...I can surely break some rules

Miss Fat booty-Mos’s a song peeps

This was in the lift...nice idea hey

Don’t know what I was doing here with my face...with Randy

Me and Randy (partner in fashion)


  1. Your all black outfit looks so chic! I love it! Your hair is pretty too


  2. So sweet! Thank u Prissy and Percy :)