Monday, May 23, 2011

Grand Designs Live

Finally I received the first set of photos from the Grand Designs Live event that took place last
weekend at the Coca-Cola Dome in Jo’burg. The event showed case remarkable designs
ranging from interiors, architecture, kitchens, bathrooms, gardens, shopping and mouth-
watering food.
I wish I could have been there…but the pics make up for it!
Thank you the boo for the pix!
I told ya’ll I’m changing my strategy to get everyone involved J pretty good so far
Let’s keep this going
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Fatz xxx

Love Jozi design

Retro set up

Garden decor- my favourite J

Beautiful Chandeliers  

Purple Fire place

Architecture at its best

Bugatti has kitchen appliances I didn’t know that...

Wallpaper, think New York love it!

Garden layouts

Modernised wash basins

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