Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Luxlife Red Carpet Fashion Show

Friday didn’t quite work out with taking pics of the fashion show since I was not sitting in the front row! I tried taking some and when that didn’t work out I thought recording would solve things but no! So gave up and enjoyed the show....  
Either than that the fashion show was great; Philosophy, Stefania Morland and Jagadi Haute Couture made the night spectacular! Beautiful dressed animal prints, feathers, lace, big, catchy and bold garments....that was the theme of the night!
Arrived at 15 On Orange where the fashion was held, got our goodie bags (some prick stole our wallets long story). Anywho Im starting to think 15 On Orange is magical cos I always have the best time whenever I’m there... the decor so chic and modern really beautiful. I should spend a night or visit their spa soon.
Met a cool chick also has a blog, she thought we looked nice we thought she looked nice too (bloggers lol). I’m pretty sure she took pics I’ll put up a link as soon as she uploads. Also Met a cute couple that recently moved to SA from London.
It was a great night.

Pink kisses


My troopers... (Linda,Randy n I)

Never a dull moment...

Think this is beautz... (yes/no)

Linda and I

Katlego Maboe from Expresso show Sabc3

Mia Bella (blogger) and friend

Randy on her Crack-berry

I meet with the couch again...

Adore these shoes...

She’s always complaining that I forever put pics of her here lol...

People we met
Great music. Great show. Great ‘crowd’. Great venue. Great company. Great everything J
Had so much fun!
I love fashion
Love Fatz


  1. I am so honored to have made your blog post!!! we should go for drink some time!

    always looking fabulous!

  2. Hey Mia... Thank u!...def we should meet up soon! It was great meeting u!