Monday, May 30, 2011

Dimes with B

Bonang, Linda and friend

Last Thursday won tickets to the Dimes with B at St Yves Camps bay. I believe most SA people know your girl B (Bonang) from live...
I really thought I was going to be pampered...too ambitious of me (lol)!
The goodie bag made up for I always have funs with my troopers.
Now if only Durban July tickets could magically land in my hands...I wouldn’t mind going! And there is no way I’m paying (not that I love freebies, I do pay alrightJ) just not this time nah!
We’ll see how that goes...
Oh I almost forgot to mention how I entered the’s quite funny. I had to write why I am a Dime or what makes me a dime lol...okay it went something like this! 
“Definitely! Yes! I do consider myself a dime!
Fatima Sibuyi is a very simple lady working at building my own throne and leaving a legacy. Love fashion and all the finest things in life yet I’m still down to earth, classy and elegant.
In my view I think a dime should be:
You may check out my blog ( that I recently started to get a sneak preview of what I’m all about.
I would really love to come party with Bonang this Thursday...absolutely adore her passion and what she has achieved!


Lol ja ne...I’m not sure about classy and lady thou lol wow okay let’s not analyse.
Thanks to ikapa live for the was awesome!
Visit their site

Randy (friend) I think her fav colour is turquoise...she doesn’t know it yet....

 We love photographers!

 Such Troopers!

Your gal F lol

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