Wednesday, June 1, 2011

50 Things about me

This was inspired by Tsholo from her blog a while back.
I thought I should think of 50 things about me....50 sounds like a huge number but really it’s not. When I started writing, I had to delete some stuff cos there’s so much to say.
I hope this gives you an idea of Fatz....
I think it took about 20 minutes to write this...or maybe I type fast lol.
I wanted to come up with picture to sum this up....and I thought to make a collage of all the special people in my life at least the people I have pics of
So this is it: Mom, dad, grandmas, sisters, aunts, late uncle, cousins, friends, and mostly me.

1.    I love my family. We are a family of 6 : Mama, Papa, me (1st born), Dudu (2nd born) and Zandy (last born) and my niece Karabo.
2.     When I was young (9yrs) we went on a family getaway: Kruger National park..... We were having supper somewhere a bit far from our chalet and I was sleepy so I walked back to our chalet. Of course I went to a wrong one cos they all look the same and it was dark. My parents looked everywhere for me and finally found me sleeping in some chalet with a “stranger” man. Shew luckily nothing happened to’s funny when they tell me about it
3.    I’m a terrible liar
4.    I’m stubborn (working on it)
5.    Love fashion,  love dressing up, I’m quite creative
6.    I give everyone a chance to “present” their short I try to be fair
7.    I love things (lol)
8.    I don’t bath on weekends, not all weekends before you judge me heheheh. I only do it if I stay indoors and watch movies the whole day and sleep J (no I don’t smell lol)
9.    I like sitting in the dark, listen to music and play spider on my pc
10.  I always go the extra mile for people I love, sometimes it drains the life out of me but hey
11.  I’m always smiling
12.  I never stress even when I should be stressing
13.  I’m learning to do what I love, time is too precious
14.  When I’m bored or nervous I play with my hair
15.  I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was a kid....not sure what happened...should have listened to that kid. And I drew cute dresses....wonder where my sketch book is
16.  I love taking pictures especially now that I have a cam (non fancy but it’s perfect for me). Black and white pics are the best
17.  Favourite colour is turquoise and all shades of green. Funny I have a lot of black clothes thou
18.  I’m not obsessed with designer labels...whatever
19.  I love my traditional gospel music and I have my dance moves to back me up...really this music moves my soul
20.  I never/ hardly cry in a always hits me like ages later
21.  Hustler, street smart...I don’t look like it
22.  Not shy at all....not forward either
23.  Haven’t been out of Africa...I should travel
24.  Favourite artist Coldplay Lupe Fiasco
25.  Unlike other girls: When I think of my wedding I always think of my how much I’m going to cry, laugh and dance to all my favourite songs.
26.  I look so much like my dad and little sister people think she’s my daughter
27.  I prayed for the “next bf” to be my husband lol shame pressure
28.  I think birthdays are special
29.  Sometimes when I’m angry, I don’t want to talk.... I just shut down (working on it)
30.  1st grandchild from both side J
31.  My other name is Candy can you believe it
32.  I love grapes, cashew nuts, meat, strawberries, woollies spinach and feta pie!
33.  I don’t mind doing things alone
34.  Don’t stand me up (bad impression)
35.  Apparently I look innocent...(blink)
36.  I will never forget my uncle and granddad. My uncle passed on last yr and granddad think 1993. Still think of them.
37.  I want to make a difference in people’s lives
38.  Don’t like sleeping in the dark even thou I like sitting in the dark
39.  People use to tell my mom that I was a wise kid when I was young...wonder what I said
40.  I love it when it rains
41.  I have a good memory and I don’t forget faces
42.  The little things matters the most, like taking me out for ice-cream
43.  Memorable gift, was from Zandy (6yrs) and Karabo (4yrs) when I went home last year. They drew a pic for me ,bought me a lollipop and a flower from our garden...that was so special
44.  I feel like my hands distract me when I’m sleeping
45.  I have cold feet, worse in winter
46.  I have pretty good relationship with people from all walks of life
47.  I’m terrified of giving birth or being pregnant I always have nightmare about that
48.  I eat weird powder....I think it’s yummy
49.  I don't believe there's such a thing as “over dressed” but one can be “under dressed”
50.  I have a very big heart!

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