Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Things I got up to since the last time!

Hellos Tquoiz’ers, (just made that up lol)!
I’ve been away for lil while, I needed some peace and stillness which I got J. Ready to continue where I left off! Loads of exciting things lined up this year, can’t wait to share them with you!!!!
I went on a little road trip to Nkandla KZN (Zuma’s homestead) last year and I was so taken by the people there and the amazing views! South Africa is really beautiful, take time to travel and explore other places besides the cities! Visit lil dorpies, rural places you’ll be amazed!

Every week, will post something!
Special shout out to Nobantu, loyal fan! Love you J!

Road tripping let the journey begin, with “designated” driver :) 

View from “our hut”                                                                        "The hut"

Beautiful clear skies and all that came with it  

Turquoise my colour!!! I mean really J!                      Sunset drive! It's the lil things
Crazy moments......  Heading home! It's over

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  1. he he he Thanks for the shout out!(",) Me loves you too Lady Fats. XOXO