Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Street Hearts!!! Part 2

Street hearts is about the creative everyday people on the "streets. Tquoiz encourages everyone to dress up, have fun while doing it, explore, find your taste/style, learn from others “NOT COPY” lol....really I’m not here to tell you how to dress you are your own person!

If there’s an interesting, fashionable, cute look or item you are feeling, please do email me !!! Don’t be shy! Don’t want photos from the net, take your own pics or ask your friends etc, email me @

From my closet J so comfy!

Summer Cpt look, love guys in shorts: took this pic just outside my place! Freshe!
My friend (Fez) very chilled too! We loved this look!

This bag is just stunning and perfect size!

Another summer chilled look, cute! Kind of hijacked him on the road as you can see he was about to have his snack, but he gladly posed for the cam!!

Thanks to all my street-hearts for letting me snap away “hustle” free J J

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