Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Street Hearts!!!!

Street hearts is about the creative everyday people on the "streets. Tquoiz encourages everyone to dress up, have fun while doing it, explore, find your taste/style, learn from others “not copy” lol....really I’m not here to tell you how to dress you are your own person!
If there’s a interesting, fashionable, cute look or item you are feeling, please do email me !!! Don’t be shy! Don’t want photos from the net, take your own pics or ask your friends etc, email me @ fatimacandy@gmail.com

Another laid back day

One of those Polyvore sets I put together a while back, very “appropriate” for this summer don’t you think....

This whole look is super hawt , stunning shoulder blazer!,

Me, strolling in the streets of Stellenbosch... I can be a street heart too

A hair band that I made, the idea came from  (my friend). She was dressing up for her office end of the year party and the theme had something to do with the ocean. She wanted a hair band made of sea shells. I made that idea into realityJ. I had so much fun assembling the sea shells, though it made perfect sense in our heads, it wasn’t that easy. She looked more gorgeous in person! Was super proud! Lol. Next I’m making a dress for J & B met 2011.


  1. The photography on your site looks good! do you tak ethe pics yourself, and what type of camera are you using? I currently own a Fujifilm FinePix S1800. Not really a hardcore camera but nice for Point-&-Shoots

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  2. Hi Zayne, thanks :) yes I take the pix myself! its Sony W310