Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Book Club!

We had our 1st Book Club meeting last week Sat before the Obz Fest. 9 ladies came thru, what a diverse bunch! It was in cosy Cafe Sofia, Cape Town, Kloof Street. I wonder if they’ll ever let us back !? I think we put a “little” spark...ok a “little” is an understatement we blazed it up literally. Even though we were in the smoking area behind closed glass doors, the noise that came from there was beyond! I guess the two gentlemen that were watching rugby didn’t mind because they kept smiling and they didn’t leave. We had a successful book review, and continuously diverted to other girly topics and serious politic discussions (was in stitches). The ladies suggested inviting guys to the next one for “balance”. I don’t read that much (“I’m a newspaper kinda girl”), but maybe a joining a Book Club will push me in the right direction for 2011.
Everyone was asked to bring a book that they were currently reading. Here are the books we reviewed won’t go into details for now.
1.    Eat, Prayer by Elizabeth Gilbert. 3 people read this one, not surprised.
2.    To the Point by Herschelle Gibbs.
3.    A thousand splendid suns by Khaleed Hosseini.
4.    The monk who sold his Ferrari – Robbins Sharma
5.    Factory shops – Pam Black
6.    Slave by Mende Nazer and Ugly by Constance Briscoe (my friend didn’t get the memo she just brought books she was planning to read lol)

I always wanted to read “The monk who sold his Ferrari”, it’s certainly my next read.
The favourite “booky” –booklet was Factory shops – Pam Black. Amazing discovery, it lists ALL the factory shops in the Western Cape.
Thanks to our friend Conny for arranging this Book Club which still needs a name...
Meeting again next year Jan!

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