Friday, October 19, 2012

Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday!!! Let’s keep the momentum going!  
For some reason lately it’s been way easier to take pics of myself and friends thanks to the “new-ish” phone. So you’ll be seeing a lot of me from now on.
Yesterday when I was at the supermarket with all the Christmas décor already, it dawned on me that the year is almost over! And what a year it has been, but will save the speeches for later. So I was thinking we should have a Christmas Fashion Friday…I know cheesy lol. But a girl is running out of ideas here work with me. Anyway we can make the theme colour red and I can post that the week before Christmas. Your thoughts? Yes/No?
Thanks to all the contributors!!!
Lovely weekend
Fashion Friday with: Mr Tladi…loving the tailored items sir! Wish we had more guys on FF

Fashion Friday with: Me, lover of black and white!

Fashion Friday with: Randy. You can't see past my shades. Her song!

Fashion Friday with: Oboitshepo… I see it runs in the fam ;)

Fashion Friday with: Vukosi…denim everything! Classic!

Fashion Friday with: colourful Me

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