Friday, July 13, 2012

Fashion Friday: Accessories 2012

Accessories! Accessories! Accessories! Fashion would be pretty boring without accessories and one can never really have enough. I always find myself shopping for earrings, maybe it’s because they always get lost and quite affordable whatever the reason maybe. The point is, the more variety you have the simpler dressing up gets. It’s amazing how a simple outfit comes alive with the right accessories. So last night I captured a few images from my ‘collection’. When it comes to buying accessories the trick is to get a few statement pieces, flexible enough to wear during the day or at night and of course colourful ones. This season’s hot buys are definitely the collar necklaces and geometric pattern/ shaped bangles, earrings and rings (Chains)! Enjoy the pix.

Lovely weekend

Everyone needs at least 3 statement neck pieces! On the left one of my favorite necklaces, middle one had it since last year (birthday gift) still waiting for the right moment to rock it and the blue piece sent by Fezy, hot color!

Black, Gold and white. My favorite combination works with almost everything.

Gold/bronze jewelry: also timeless, silver is pretty hot too

Pix from previous Fashion Fridays

Add colour and different ‘shapes’ to your colloction

Pearls, Simply classic every lady needs a few

Shout out to Randy and Fezy! Thanks for the sending pix! If you have styling Fashion Friday pix please do email me tquoiz(at)

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