Friday, June 8, 2012

Blue Fashion Friday

Well since I didn’t have new pics today, I decided to use old collages that I’ve collect since last year. As I was going thru them I noticed that blue was such a ‘popular’ colour so I decided to have a blue Fashion Friday. It has nothing to do with my mood see :) I’m always happy Fridays! Blue is such a lovely colour and has endless shades to choose from! Love it!!!!
If you can remember all the pics today, that means one thing….thank you for your loyalty! Made this post extra long by adding 10 pics yip 10…so let me not waste anymore time….enjoy!

Until next week
Fashion Friday with: Antoinette

Fashion Friday: At David West launch

Fashion Friday with: Bojo (I declare the skirt blue not purple lol)

Fashion Friday with: Pam

Fashion Friday with: Toni 
Fashion Friday with: Me

Fashion Friday with: Vee

Fashion Friday with: Lusanda

Fashion Friday with: Bukiwe

Fashion Friday with: Lerato

Fashion Friday with: Randy

1 comment:

  1. Funeral by "declaring the purple skirt blue"
    It is blue hun, just that the lighting decided to make it look purple :)

    Blue is a great color, i just love how everyone of us is wearing a slightly different hue of it and we all make it work for us.
    As always, great post Faddy :)