Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fashion Advice: Winter Trend 2012-2013

Good day ladies and gents. Still focusing on winter trends 2012-2013! I love how the 2012-2013 winter trends have been playing out! Last year one of the big winter trends was the whole masculine look which was fun and not completely written off. This year’s major winter trend is all about luxury, opulence, and celebrating women with ladylike/ feminine silhouettes. Fashion brands Dolce & Gabbana beautifully captured the essence of this trend in their F/W 2013 (google the show it's amazing). That collection really brought tears to my eyes and my little heart was throbbing with joy up to this day simply soulfulJ.
I came up with the two simple outfits that are inspired by opulence/ luxury trend and the Dolce & Gabbana F/W 2013 source (
So how can you draw inspiration from this trend? Getting the colors right would be a good start, no other colors portray luxury like black and gold.  The type of fabric also comes into play, it’s interesting to see how embroidery is still a hit throughout the seasons. If you have been following Fashion Advice you’d remember that embroidered fabrics were one of the fabrics to note in 2012. Here's the link if you have missed it                Other materials like velvet and brocade are also perfect to go with this winter. I’m head over heels with this trend and looking forward to winter! Share with us your views please...
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