Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mpumalanga My Home

Looking back over the time spent at home with the family in my homeland Mpumalanga! I forgot how beautiful that place is. We didn’t have a holiday as such, but we tried visiting the places near-by. I love how green and beautiful my province is. We might not have the sea but the scenery is just as beautiful....ok now I miss home. I would definitely recommend all the places mentioned below for a relaxing getaway. There are so many other beautiful places to see, things to do in Nelspruit. Next time you want go on your short left experience just head to Mpumalanga. Trust me on this one. And it’s quite affordable. And has nice playing facilities for kids which is cool for families.... How did yall spend your holidays... email me with pics if you want to share tquoiz@gmail.com
Hidden gem Josmacs Restaurant White River

Pine Lake Lifestyle Resort my lil one's enjoying the view

Oliver's Restaurant & Lodge. Beautiful Lodge indeed

The food and service at Oliver's Restaurant....tops!

How green is this place (Sudwala)

Sudwala caves....educational

Sudwala Lodge, super relaxing, proper privacy!

Caster Bridge my fav fav spot when I'm home

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