Friday, January 20, 2012

Fashion Friday

Happy Fashion Friday!!! I know most are still recovering from all the Christmas spending….hopefully next weekend we can have our first Fashion With a Difference contributions. Remember every time you go shopping to buy at least one item for someone less fortunate than you. Go to your nearest church, charity organization to find out what they need…even better if you know someone/family that needs clothing.  And please send me a pictures of whatever item(s) you have purchased or just let me know . If you’re not a regular shopper then plan ahead / put money aside to go shopping for someone else. Let’s do this.
I think Lerato deserve a special thank you. I always take pics of her and she never complains. Have a lovely weekend peeps. And thank you for visiting!
'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'"
Fashion Friday with: Miss Lerato (regular face and rocking turquoise )

Fashion Friday with: Edmund all the way from Sweden…shout out!

 Fashion Friday with: Miss Lerato

Fashion Friday with: me (love the background)

 Fashion Friday with: Miss Lerato

Fashion Friday with: me

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