Wednesday, October 26, 2011

East London

Mmmmm updates...I'm not home this week I'm in East London for work. Been a learning curve and wakeup call and a whole lot of things! Saw my buddy too miss Avy had a traditional meal umngqusho i.e. samp had to google the spelling :)  !
I never been here before but this place reminds me of Durban and Mozambique (I tweeted this already) lol
There's something genuine about this place....I hope we find time after work to explore the other parts of town. I admit it...I'm becoming a costal person!
Well there is no picture to go with this post...I do have my camera but haven't been snapping. But I will before I live tomorrow.
And shout out to Shem other follower! Yey I see you :)
Ok I'm out!

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