Thursday, September 29, 2011

A thing called love

So it was my friend’s lobola ceremony last Saturday! She’s officially Mrs. Mogotsi!!! Hilililililil! For those who don’t know what lobola is, it represents ‘the coming together’ (direct translation) of two families. And usually the man presents cows or gifts or money to his in-laws. I never had to explain what lobola is to anyone it’s harder than  I thought lol. It’s like a wedding to cut the long story short. Lots of food, singing, dancing and drinking! A big celebration and welcoming the makoti “bride” into her new family.
Some of the guests were wearing their traditional attires! Made me realize that I don’t own a single traditional clothing item…not even a hand band! Oooopps! Well I …ok I shouldn’t have an excuse lol. I will make it my priority when I go home to get somethingJ. They are a perfect match and an inspiration! I’m extremely happy for these two love birds! And I pray that they’ll be happy forever and ever!
Mr. and Mrs. Mogotsi

Ziyanda Xhosa attire

Katlego in her zulu attire…
apparently if/when I get lobolad I’ll be wearing that…lol well

Obi – Makoti isn’t she just gorgeous!

Me and Mrs. Mogotsi

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