Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kos Coffee and Cuisine

Kos restaurant is just a second away from my place.… (Giving away a lot of where I stay now lol).
It’s the most perfect spot….I know I say that about almost every place that I go to…maybe I have a good eye for these things. I love eating out, I love cooking too so I try to do both once in a while.
What attracts me to a place it’s the décor. Of course the service and the quality of food matters. But the décor is just as important and I like the cozy spaces! Back to Kos, very pretty spot. The main color is green quite environmental friendly with the recycled furniture and pretty innovative too. Food is good mostly light meals. Service very good even met the owner friendly chap. Check it out and holler if you’re in my hood.
Cape Town is truly a lifestyle city!

Opening times: Monday to Sunday 7:00am - 4:30pm
Address: The Regency, 90 Regent Road, Sea Point, Cape Town
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How pretty is this place

Reminds me of high tea

“Salty” lil cars
Books to page thru while waiting for your meal

I always take the sugar message seriously (memories memories)


More tea!

Smoothie can’ wait for summer…I make mean smoothies

I thought “cute butter”

Quite affordable

Notice the chairs…

Kos Coffee and Cuisine
I wouldn’t mind this roofing in my house one day * daydreaming*

The learning process never stops

A lil humor 

Signing out remember to check out fashion Friday tomorrow!

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