Friday, August 19, 2011

Fashion Friday : For the love of Turquoise

Happy Fashion Friday guys! Last night I was a bit ‘worried’ cos unlike the previous Fashion Friday post I was always prepared. Not this time. So had to make a quick plan (hero of the day goes to me lol). Since I don’t like taking pix from the net…even thou it was a bit tempting. I went the polyvore way J where I put different looks especially for spring coming in 2 weeks! Incorporated the color turquoise in each set! Here are some ideas on how to color block this spring/ summer.
Color block is definitely one of the hottest trends for spring/ summer. It’s about mixing different colors (bright, bold, daring, monotones etc) in an outfit! Also included pix that I took with my pals focusing on the awesome color turquoise!
I’m pretty sure by now you’re in love with this color!!!

Lovely weekend to you all!
I’ll be indoors and church this almost the whole weekend!
Can’t wait for spring and summer
Turquoise ring
Colorful days ahead
My bracelet…it’s usually a necklace lol

Going out look
Not quite turquoise but almost there…
Beach look

Turquoise bangle

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