Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sunday Beaching

Simple things such as trying to catch every ray of the sun by the beach
Take it all in along, with the amazing views, laughter, good chat with my friend (Randy) about things that don’t make sense, yet we still laugh and listen to Adele
and daydream and again take it all in.
Winter sun! Warms me up!  And climbing the rocky rocks I was scared of falling.
Dressed for the beach in winter!
I love this spot, 5min walk from my house Bantry Bay….sometimes I forget that I live in a beautiful neighborhood!
Things I get up to….with my birthday about 18 days away!
I have no idea what I’ll be doing…since my little plan crumbled! Like most things…
I was thinking of just being alone and switching my phone off…some say it’s selfish and Tsholo (my friend thinks I’m allowed to be selfish at least for one day! Maybe I will maybe I won’t
And my other friends in Durban keep on asking me what I want for my birthday
I told the one that having him as a friend is perfect and he thinks I was being sweet and I told him I really meant it!
The other one…told her to get me whatever, and she wants me to give her a list… so I told her to give me money instead and she thinks that’s “impersonal”…
Stories of my life…I’m going to stop trying to plan my birthday! And just celebrate the day when it comes…
Anyway I still think birthdays are special….it’s my friend’s birthday today!
Happy birthday to you Abz!!!…

Take a moment…take it all in

Bantry Bay

Dressed for the beach!

Don’t look back…


Maybe I should try the walking on water thing…afraid to sink my faith might not be that big…

Liberating walk!



Winter sun!

What do you see...


Simple.Great. Picture. Perfect.

Randy and I

Home time!


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