Friday, July 29, 2011

Fashion Friday

That time....Fashion Friday as usual.
This morning started a bit weird. Story of my life! Important thing is that I’m alive.
This week’s fashion Friday, is inspired by the lovely weather we had weeks ago! Enjoy! Looking forward to spring and summer!
Happy weekend!
Happy birthday Randy!
Remember you may send me pics, your favourite clothing items, of your trendy selves , interesting places, food or events, interesting photography whatever that you may think of really.
Thanks in advance J


Ray in her stunner dress….turned a lot of heads!
My next buy! Chucky necklace from Accessorize

Love the bow-tie…cute


For the love of taking this!

Haute jacket from Vukosi

Lovely cuff bracelets from Thabile

My new wedges….still to rock em!

My gals: Toni, Indira, Suga and Renee (Renee’s party)…love the pic not only fashionable but it’s a happy 1!

Miss Randy…it’s her birthday today! Happy birthday again you

My dear Kooty…she had this pic as her bbm profile! Totally love it

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