Friday, June 17, 2011

‘Special’ Fashion Friday

‘Special’ Fashion Friday feature. Why is it ‘special’...cos it’s a bit different from all the other Fashion Friday posts. This time I decided to incorporate fashion with the champagne tasting that I went to a few weeks back. Not that I had a choice really, Fashion Friday has to be up and this week I didn’t receive enough pix from you guys. So as smart as I am J....I had to make a plan and work with what I have! Well the fashion side is all in there if you look close...
Now a bit about Colmant farm is a must! If you are ever around Cape Town and looking for something to do champagne tasting is the way to go. You’ll learn about the history and how it is made (pretty interesting) or drink your heart out (nothing wrong with that lol).  Jean-Philippe (the owner, very friendly) took us on the cellar tour explained the difference between Champagne and Cap Classique...He stays on the beautiful premises with his family... one day I’ll have a farm too! Franschhoek has a whole lot of these farms especially wine farms. Really beautiful small town surrounded by mountains and vineyards.

Remember you may send me pics, your favourite clothing items, of your trendy selves , interesting places, food or events, interesting photography whatever that you may think of really.
Thanks in advance J
Happy weekend!
My Troopers...Kooty, Linda, Randy


Colmant farm entrance



Me looking all serious



Amazing what one can do with a simple leaf right

Colmant farm

Dude tried opening champagne with sword...


The bag...will not get over it (wink)


I’ll drink to that cheers!

Lovely the shot...


Maybe I was trying too hard here...but that’s how you learn lol

More bubbles

Really love this shot...

Beautiful hey...

All smiles

Watching bubbles!

Barrels in the cellar


Stainless steel was so cold in this 'room'

Click! Captured!

Amazing what one can do with a simple leaf right



We fly high!

Dropping Kooty at the airport...hug moments


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