Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shopping at Wardrobe

Time spent shopping (happy sigh)! So therapeutic amongst other thingsJ!
I get so much out of it! I’m such a girl right....Cape Town has the best shops in South Africa (I think). I from Nelspruit, stayed in Durban, visit Jo’burg so I know what I’m talking about...there’s variety upon variety so I don’t get bored even when I’m window shopping Saturday mornings. That’s the only time I really have because I work form Mon to Fri...and most of the favourite shops are closed on Sundays (ok all the shops are closed in town). So my Saturday mornings are always taken. Me time!
I usually do this alone...but this time I had company. I nearly forgot how fun it is to have someone to do all these things with!
I had “bad” shopping experiences before and I vowed not to go with those people ever.... (They know who they are lol).... You know the type that don’t approve of anything you touch but the moment you put it on they think “wow it looks great”....what I do now, simple! I just leave them behind and go alone (still got love for them thou)
Wardrobe is in Kloof Street! I always find something’s the cutest shop ever! Tiny and cosy filled with amazing chic, trendy and vintage items! Totally check it out when you are in Cape won’t regret it!

One of my favourite shops! Cute right!

Ohh ruffles....still love! And this peach colour is perfect

The setting....


My next buy....(if I find it)

They also have 2nd hand bags...

I got myself this baby....jumpsuit! I think I should stop buying jumpsuits now!

Can’t get over this glass table with goodies in it! Creative!
Beautiful bags!


I love Cape Town!

J J J  

Kooty found her "Cinderella shoe”

Cape Town streets!

A picture is worth a thousand words!


“I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist”

“I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet”

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