Thursday, June 2, 2011

City Bowl Market

What a weekend! Filled with smiles, chilling and shopping!
There’s no way I can sum it up into one I will break it down over the next days or so.
We went to the City Bowl Market...such a great idea! When we finally managed to get out of bed we headed there...totally loved it! It’s nice and ‘kinda’ place.
City Bowl Market is in Cape Town somewhere in Gardens, 14 Hope streets. They sell (mostly) organic food open every sat from 9am-2pm. It’s definitely a great alternative to the Biscuit mill.
The people with the stalls were so friendly (good service), and we tasted almost everything for free samples cos you got to know what you buying right! When we were leaving saw a bar sign...maybe will go have a drink there one day...but 9am is a bit too early for such.
I’ll definitely go back for the yummy food!

Dried berries

 Nutty nuts

 My Fav Cashews...


 Salad dressing(s)

Chocolate! Now these were lovely...cute packaging!


Yummy olives J

Kooty (tourist) busy with her cam

(Me) Enjoying my chicken and lamb Shawarma  
Kooty & I

 Nice idea, simple, looks great


What a bag...perfect

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