Thursday, May 26, 2011

Phuza Thursday

Thought I’d write a post about this phuza Thursday! Since it’s Thursday (duh)...
For those who don’t know, phuza (zulu) means’s a new South African thing that people do on Thursday. Ok maybe not new as such people have always been drinking, I think SA was amongst the top ‘drinking country’ last year (I won’t get into the stats now)...
That paints a perfect picture of how much people drink here (good/bad not sure)...and I have seen it as “proof”!
So Gareth Cliff (and his team) from 5fm sort of "named this day"...I think he did. I know in some countries they call it thirsty Thursday.

To my surprise I have enough pictures to back it up. It’s kinda funny cos it’s not like I make it a mission to take pics of drinks. I just snap at whatever I feel like snapping at that moment. Like I said before I have more than enough pictures of about everything you can think of...
So had to go through my pictures and this is what I came up with lol...
Happy phuza Thursday!!!

Drink responsibly!

This was at Fire and Ice hotel in Cape Town for the Pop Up boutique

 My fav drink...if you know me you know the answer

 Pepper Hotel Cape Town

 This was at Neighbourhood in Long street

Neighbourhood (happy hour) it was happy indeed lol

At our book club

 At our book club

 15 on Orange :)

 Cafe Mojito in Long street (fav place)

I think Thsolo took this our work social

 Stellenbosch Days

This was at La romantica ...Tsholo’s bday

For those of us who will be keeping warm at’s a lil something for you

Took this at Greens in Kloof



  1. Me and wine,!

    yea, i think i remember taking that one when we went to Beyerskloof for the wine tasting social.

    I also have one of us at Cubana in Stellies.

  2. The first drink look fruity and nice :)


  3. Tsholo maybe u should send me the other 1! Thank u for always popping by unlike u know

    Miss J’adore: Very fruity and thick!