Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sweet Rides

What do I know about cars...well you’re right, not much (I know typical girl hey)! But it was a fun day at the Top Gear Festival in Jo’burg which took place on the 17-20 March 2011(feels like I was there ages ago since I haven’t been bloggingL).
As expected there were a lot of guys it was so packed, I guess people really like top gear!
Of course I was there with my boy interesting day it was. We were soaking wet from the rain (something to do with global warming, the weather been acting crazy here in South Africa). I learned a lot...okay not that much but I left being clued up about cars compare to before. It was interesting to do his stuff than my usual shopping sprees lol.
Will I go to another car exhibition...well only if it doesn’t rain so double yes!  
Here are some pics...

Love Faddy xxx....

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