Monday, April 18, 2011

Me & My Afro

So I decided to stay with my natural coily hair aka afro for a while, ok maybe not a while but close to a month now. I always had it buried under weaves or braids....
It looks pretty from far, but the truth is...An afro is just as messy as weaves! Worse cos the “fallen off hair” looks like something which I won’t mention here lol.
Ye amount of hair that falls off everytime I comb it...I could weave a wig (seriously)! Oh maybe someone in India can trade with me for real Indian hair.... no one warned me about these things!
The brighter side thou...there’s always a brighter side to each story, oh well some stories.
I get to wash my hair all the time...even thou it shrinks afterwards. I still like this look and I’ll stick with it for a while.
Having an afro:
Doesn’t make me more “African”
Doesn’t t not mean I’m a “soul sister”
Does not mean I hate on “sisters” with weaves
Doesn’t not make me more “realer”
Anywho, enough with the afro vs. weave politics. Can we all just get along J
Having an afro it’s a different experience...which I love so far. I don't get that much attention thou anymore, cos people mistaken me for a boy (which is also cool).
And with winter to braid my hair. Yes I’ll do it myself!

Love Faddy!
Oh ja lets respect each other’s hairs lol.....


  1. Wow! you braid your own hair! nice!

    Thanks a lot for the sweet comment!


  2. Yes I do sometimes! Will post the pix when Im done next week :)
    Thanks for stopping by much appreciated xxx.