Friday, March 4, 2011

Design Indaba Expo 2011: The Summit in conjuction with Adriaan Kuiters Fashion Show

Design Indaba last weekend was indeed fascinating! Everything to do with design under one roof at the CTICC in the mother “city of design and capital of fashion”! More than anything I was there for the fashion! I got there late though cos I couldn’t miss church for fashion lol. Yes I could have gone on Saturday but had other stuff to do...excuses excuses.
Anywho I finally went on a Sunday, my favourite day of the week and just caught one fashion show and I was blown totally worth it! The rest of the time I was just walking around admiring the different exhibitions. People weren’t really allowed to take pix (kind of intimidating taking stolen shots especially on a Sunday lol so had to put my baby cam away). Which was good in a way, gave me time to really get into the expo and bought some goodies!
Back to the fashion show by The Summit in conjuction with Adriaan Kuiters.
The Summit by Cindy Poole a high-end leather accessories brand for the urban gentleman. Yes men can accessories too. Love their innovative touch on men’s accessories it really stands out and it’s not too much at the same time (my kind of guy chic gentlemen)!. They make stylish laptop briefcases, wallets with a detachable money clip, to house shoes, unique bowties, scarves and cummerbunds all made from the finest leather and suede, to belts without buckles and leather stationery.  They currently sell at the old biscuit mill on Saturdays. Ladies will agree with me on this, buying guys a gift it’s a mission right?! I really think The Summit has something different to offer next time you’re stuck getting your guy something cool well....! The Summit collaborated with Adriaan Kuiters who designs menswear label also based in Cape Town. This was a perfect beautiful joint effort! Amazing show! Also liked Adriaan’s collection!

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