Friday, February 25, 2011

My Side of Town...

 Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre, my second favourite place (1st place ofcos being home) to hang spot out when I’m back home in White River. Everyone know where White River is and for those who don’t (shame on you) it’s in Nelspruit the beautiful Mpumalanga province. The Lifestyle Centre is just a few minutes from my house. Ohw how I love this place, it’s definitely one of the nicest lifestyle centres I’ve been to and I’m not being biased here. It’s perfect for strolling J in the tranquil gardens! Or if you like shopping (which I haven’t done in a while) this place has over 35 eccentric shops and boutiques (which I adore), beautiful eating out places, spa, hotel, cinemas and yes motor museum vintage motor cars and bikes ( among the oldest vehicles to be displayed are those built in 1911!!!).
I don’t know much about design, but the setting, decor & architecture at this place is to live for (being positive here lol)! You got to make a turn next time you are in around my home town....I love it, you’ll love

The entrance and (right cinema)

Beautiful bags! The bigger the better

Home decor shop the balloons were at the Magnolia Restaurant (preparing for a party)


Cow head piece-interesting who could have thought

Settings outside Magnolia Restaurant
Wine Shop Avalencia wine made from oranges!
Amazing what you can do with a tree


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