Friday, February 15, 2013

Fashion Friday: Black Friday

Fashion Friday supports the Black Friday campaign against rape and violence against women by wearing black to support this initiative. It’s so heartbreaking that women in South Africa are not safe from such horrifying crimes! Let’s spread the awareness and make our country a better place! #BlackFriday 

This week’s Fashion Friday features my friends from Cape Town, Nelspruit, Durban and me in Pretoria. I think we have "represented" the major cities in SA :)! The idea behind Fashion Friday is to create a network and platform of “everyday” people, encouraging upcoming stylist, designers, bloggers or anyone with a great sense of style to join the Fashion Friday Movement. Later this year Fashion Friday will expand to other things....stay tuned! And thanks for the support!

Please do email me your pics tquoiz(at)gmail(dot)com

Lovely weekend 




Fashion Friday with: Bukiwe supporting #BlackFriday

Fashion Friday with: Vukosi

Fashion Friday with: Fifi at the J&B Met

Fashion Friday with: Me

Fashion Friday with: Nande at the J&B Met

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