Friday, December 7, 2012

Fashion Friday: Black and White vs Polka Dot

If it’s your first time, welcome to the last 4 Fashion Friday post before the year ends! The countdown begins now! And of course a big hello to the regular readers! This week post is inspired by the Franschhoek Magic of Bubbles Cap Classique and Champagne Festival I went to Saturday, theme is always black and white! Such classis colors! Loads of bubbles, sunshine, fashion, beautiful scenery, happy people all at once! If you haven’t been to this yearly event make it a point to go next year!  If you want to feature don’t hesitate email me tquoiz (at) gmail (dot) com That's all from me, enjoy the pics!!!

Fashion Friday with: Randy this must be her only long dress…elegant we love it!

 Fashion Friday with: Vukosi she just knew this week’s theme was black and white (we’re in tuned like that)

Fashion Friday with: Tabisa decided not to stick to the theme lol but we love her colors!

Fashion Friday with: Lerato/ Ray/ Shiky so many names always cute!

Fashion Friday with: Me, decided to wear the hat I wore last year cos I love it that much

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