Friday, July 27, 2012

Fashion Friday

Happy Fashion Friday! This week was one of the best weeks this year! I celebrated my birthday wed, attended the fashion week yesterday (I’ll give you an update on that next week), amazing friends/ company! So much has happened…
Back to fashion Friday, this post is dedicated to birthday lady Miss Randy! I’ll make this one short! Enjoy the pix
Shout out to the Monkeys, Vukosi, Bojo, Miss Randy and Kooty and all my buddies for the love!
Have a fashionable one!

Fashion Friday with: Me, Seapoint streets

Fashion Friday with: Randy after birthday dinner

Fashion Friday with: Me, if there’s one bag I love is this one lol I can’t help it…I need more black clutch bags hint hint

Fashion Friday with: Randy catching some winter sun

Fashion Friday with: Me Fav spot! Bantry Bay

Fashion Friday with: The monkeys birthday eve xxx


  1. You guys are always good-looking and you always look so happy!

  2. Thank u....they're are a crazy bunch! lol