Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fashion Advice: Dress according to the occasion

Dress for and according to the occasion, recently there was the Met Gala event (great example) where people were really dressed up which I loved. Whether it’s a theme party, wedding, and of course our local evens SAMA music awards, J&B Met, Metro FM Awards etc step up to the occasion. For me there’s nothing more dull, never mind boring than a person who doesn’t make an effort to dress for a particular occasion. I think if you are going to show up to an event at least do it fashionably well. Getting it right or wrong? Well that’s another story. Next week we look at ideas for Durban July 2012 one of the biggest events in South Africa! The best advice I can give for now, is to be creative. This does not mean going overboard…but if you can, then why not!
Life is an occasion, Dress accordingly!
These pics are from my high-tea party last year with my friends. Dress code was chic and a hint of turquoise… Had so much fun!!!

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